The Indian classical dance form Bharatanatyam, also known as Sadiraattam, is the oldest in the world, with evidence in the form of temple carvings and stories from the second century AD and as the mother of many other Indian classical dance forms. The term Bharatanatyam, meticulously codified by Bharata Muni in the Naatya Shastra, is a combination of ‘Bha’, ‘Ra’ and ‘Ta’ where ‘Bha’ means Bhaava or feelings, ‘Ra’ means Raga or melody and ‘Ta’ Taala or rhythm. This venerable art form evokes a dance that harmoniously expresses bhava, raga and tala and is carefully handed down from one generation of ‘Nattuvan’ to the next in an unbroken lineage.
Its performance repertoire includes nrita, nritya and natya. Painstakingly revived during colonization, this artform continues to inspire countless people globally to this day.

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