Konnakol is an Indian classical art form of reciting percussion syllables which is considered as the ‘mother of all percussive languages, instruments and traditions’. It is perhaps the most complex, intricate, aesthetically designed, advanced vocal rhythmic system in the world, which is unmatched in depth, stature and range. With its roots deep seated in India, Konnakol has journeyed across the globe, deeply influencing many artists. Today, musicians and dancers of varied backgrounds across the world, come forward to India to learn Konnakol, primarily to gain mastery, by exploring newer and exciting facets in rhythm. In simple, Konnakol is the most ancient and most modern art, which equally appeals and attracts artists, aspirants, children and common man, with a massive fan following all over the world.

Short Konnakol Solo
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At Thadhim, we provide two distinct ways of learning that interests students,
without compromising on the course offering and recognition.

Scheduled Online classes

Instructor Led

Best suited for those who can attend regular classes over the course. 

Beginners:  USD 180 for 12 Classes  

Duration: 60 Minutes

Batch Size: 3

For intermediate and advanced courses, please write to us at info@thadhim.com

Learn at your pace from videos

Self Paced

Pre recorded videos with course materials designed to support students at all learning levels.

Best suited for those who prefer to experience learning on their own with their own pace.



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Certificate of Completion

A certificate of course completion will be awarded to students upon successful evaluation. 

Emeritus Education

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